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Special Behavior of living beings in our Ecosystem

Red Snappers in Palau will spawn every month and the sight is quite amazing. Red Snappers will gather together from all around the area to form an aggregation like a wall and release their gametes (egg and sperm) to fertilize zygotes (little fish). This generally attracts preditors such as Midnight snapper (Macolor Niger) and reef sharks which will attack fish and gametes.

照片出处:吴永森 Ace Wu

Bumphead Parrot fish also gather to form aggregation much like the Red Snappers, however they form tower like shapes instead of walls. During spawning, bumphead parrot fish will swim around in their large groups then some males will shoot toward the surface at great speeds, releasing their sperm along the way. This will create great clouds of murky water and attract larger preditorial fish to the area.

照片出处:吴永森 Ace Wu

Manta group feeding, takes place about 2 seasons in a year where the chances of seeing them is greater and the numbers are larger.You can see groups of plankton, small fish, and medium fish in the water.The dive guide will calculate according to the tide times, when you will be able to see them arrange themselves in rows, the leader of the manta rays forms a circle and rotates, opening their mouths and filtering out the seawater filled with plankton.

照片出处:吴永森 Ace Wu

· The above descriptions are based on our dive shops long term study and observation of the ecosystem in Palau.  ·